COACH Time Line

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  1. That was very interesting!! Thanks so much for pointing this out. I would have never found this!

    Now after seeing the the timeline the saying "This is a Coach Bag" on the new Poppy tote makes all kinds of sense to me!! ( circa 1963)
  2. it's not working on my laptop, so I'm grabbing another one! I really wanna see this!
  3. yeah, it's not working. does it popup or play in that little window?
  4. Yes, it's a pop up window.
  5. That's awesome!
  6. finally got it to work! to bad they don't have a better timeline
  7. Pretty cool tho!
  8. I know I would have loved to see a detailed time line!
  9. WOW that is really interesting

    THanks for sharing!
  10. my favorite year.... 2000! :tup:

  11. I'd love to see a timeline detailing all the bags they released per year...some years would be thin...but wouldn't it be interesting to see in 2006 or 2003 every single bag they launched??

  12. If a book was ever published with that info in it, I bet it would be a best seller!
  13. That would be a way cool book!! :smile: That was fun!! Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  14. Should we e-mail customer service?