Coach Thompson line

  1. I have a question for all of you Coach SAs. How did the Thompson line do as far as sales? Is it a one-season line or will they bring out additional styles in the future? I like the look of the Thompson top handle bag and am thinking about it. I noticed that recently the Coach website lowered the price but $200.
  2. I have found a new favorite. Its the Thompson Hobo. Its gorgeous. Someone returned it in my store yesterday and I completely fell in love, and when I say in love I mean make my heart melt :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  3. I'm an SA and I ordered the top handle in Toffee. I'll probably receive it tomorrow. I haven't seen it in person but I think its a gorgeous bag. I know in february there will be 2 or 3 more colors. If you make it into the store there should be a product sheet on it. I say get it. Its timeless!
  4. What colors are the top handles coming in?
  5. The Thompson Tophandle will come in Black, Green, Walnut & Rose. I don't know what colors the other Thompson styles will come in, or if there will be new styles available.