Coach thief.

  1. I just have to tell you this story. I was in the outlet in Pigeon Forge Tn about a month ago and everyone knows that in an outlet if you see and like you better grab and hold on to it. There were people all over the store carrying 2 maybe 3 bags trying to decide which one to get. There was a very cute girl I'm thinking she might be 20yrs old definately not over 25, she had a Coach scarf in her hair like a headband,heels, and 2 large bags from other stores. All of the sudden she bolts out the door to a waiting van taking with her over $2000 worth of bags. The sales lady at the door takes off after her (she wasnt wearing heels) she doesnt catch her but she gets the license plate # and calls it in. Now for Americas dumbest crimanal award. They drive out of the outlets and drive maybe 100yds and apparently discovered they forgot to get gas before the big heist. They pull into the local Pilot station and there was a cop there which just happens to be the non heel wearing sales person's soon to be son in law. And you guessed it they were so busted. moral of the story buy your gas before, wear your best Nike's and dont dress where you show quite so well on the security camera.
  2. HAHAHAHHA! that is the funniest story! man, how embarrasing for the robbers. that is probably the worst planned crime! lol thx for sharing.
  3. That's so funny! That's what karma is all about!
  4. What an idiot. She deserves whatever she gets.
  5. At least they caught her. I used to see so many shoplifters get away with it when I worked in retail. Hopefully justice will be served there:smash:
  6. Oh boy... This is quite a story. Thanks for such a great description!

    I can't tolerate stealing and I hope they get proper treatment.
  7. That's hilarious! Glad she got caught!
  8. That's hiliarous....sad, but hilarious!
  9. :roflmfao: What a dumb ass.
  10. that's funny!
    and they were being stupid. did they really think they could get away with stealing?!
  11. wow, thankfully most criminals are stupid. what idiots...
  12. I second that!:p
  13. Wow.. that is really stupid. It's like Justin says, what goes around comes around.. :graucho:
  14. very funny story!!!
    thanks for sharing...needed a little laugh today!
  15. So funny! Love the incompetence of criminals sometimes...