Coach Therapy =[

  1. My boyfriend Ben broke up with me today =[ I've been dating him for 3 years, and he's been seeing my best friend behind my back for 2 out of the 3 years we were dating. I did what every other Coach obsessed girl would do in my situation: I went shopping! My dad took me and was like "I don't care what you get. Get whatever you want and as much as you want." So, I took advantage =]

    -Hamptons Scribble Small Tote
    -Signature Stripe Reversible Tote in Punch
    -Leagcy Signature Shoulder Bag in Brass/Black:yahoo:
    -Signature Stripe Medium Beauty Case in Punch
    -Scribble Ponytail Scarf
    -Legacy Stripe Ponytail Scarf
    -Starla Flip Flop
    -Barrett Sneakers
    -Kimmy Espadrille
    -Perfume Spray

    I had a good day =]
  2. Sorry i don't have pics guys. My computer is stupid.
  3. OMG!! Your ex sucks, but your dad ROCKS!!!! What a great guy to take care of his girl, and in no better way than a Coach spree!!
    Congrats on all of your new stuff and sorry to hear about bf :sad:
  4. I'm sorry your ex is so stupid. But I'm glad you got everything you wanted at Coach today!!! I guess that's what really counts right? haha Hope your days get better!
  5. awww I'm so sorry! *sends virtual ice cream*

    but lucky you for getting all that stuff!!
  6. Thanks guys =] Everyone keeps telling me it was his loss, but i'm in love with him. We were supposed to get engaged this June.
  7. Be glad that you found out now rather than after you were engaged or, even worse, married. I know you love him but it sounds like he wasn't deserving of your love. You will love again and hopefully next time you will find someone who treats you with the respect you deserve.

    Your dad was very sweet to let you go on a Coach shopping spree. I think he feels your pain. Hang in there and stay strong. :flowers:
  8. Thank you guys =] You're kind words are very helpful.
  9. First of all... HOLY SMOKES!!! That is some great therapy right there!! Your dad is awesome!!!

    Second of all, I like the virtual ice cream idea, and use this time to pamper yourself and find out all of the things YOU truely enjoy!! :yes: In the end, always best to ditch the immature ones that aren't going to grow up, because when you least expect it... a true gem will come your way!!

    You'll be better off... and I can pretty much guess your BF's future will not me too bright... Sorry, but that old saying once a "insert here", always a "insert here"...

  10. You took the words right out of my mouth!!
  11. Aww, that's awful what your bf did. Give yourself time to feel better.

    Congrats on your new purchases, what a sweetheart your dad is!
  12. So sorry to hear that. You know, I'm reading a lot about the boyfriend and yes, he's a jerk but the best friend isn't worthy of you either. Sounds like you need some new friends too. What a crappy thing to do to someone. I'm thinking you need a guy who'll treat you right and perhaps your dad is a good example of that. Not because he bought you a bunch of stuff but because he took time with you to help ease your pain. Thank goodness you found out what a jerk this guy and this 'friend' were before a wedding. Enjoy all your new Coach items and take time to pamper yourself now. (you are going to LOVE that legacy shoulder bag!!)
  13. Step over diamonds..Dads can also be a girls best friends. What a terrific dad. Time will heal all of your pain. Enjoy your great stuff!
  14. I am sooo sorry about your bf, that is so wrong!!!! But, what a wonderful Dad you have, that was very sweet of him to treat you to such a great Coach spree!! Hope everything is ok!!
  15. Thanks everyone =] My ex-best friend has been trying to call me since 7 this morning. I finally picked up and we started talking, AND NOW THEY'RE ENGAGED!!!:crybaby: