Coach Tampa Meets (International Mall, etc.)

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  1. Hello Tampa (and surrounding areas) Ladies!

    I thought I would create this so that we could let each other know when we’ll be going to International Mall or malls in your area.

    Since PCE is coming up, I think it would be good to meet at International. Please post the dates you’re going. We could use this as the regular "meet" thread after PCE.

    Who wants to go first?
  2. I just went today!!!! Too bad
  3. Ok, well I'm going next weekend. Anyone else?
  4. I'm from lakeland, if I was still there I would have loved to go with you.
  5. ^^Aww. I didn't know you were so close. Maybe we can do an Orlando run one day. :shrugs:
  6. No, lol.
    I'm not close anymore. I meant I was raised in lakeland.
    I'm in VA now.
    You are sooo lucky you are near the outlet. I love that one in orlando!
  7. Duh! I totally didn’t read all of your post or where you came from. I’m not that close to Orlando but when I go that way I try to go to the outlet. The last time I was there for a family vacation, my family wouldn’t let me go. Next time I’m taking MY car. :graucho:
  8. Alright. I'm going Saturday. Anyone with me?
  9. Sorry I am out of town until the 22nd. Maybe next time!!
  10. Ok. Anyone else?
  11. Bump. (So this can go in the right thread.)