Coach tags - toss 'em or keep 'em?

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  1. Hi all,

    Curious if you other Coach lovers keep your Coach hangtags attached to your handbags/purses/totes/wristlets, or do you remove them and store them somewhere, or just toss them?

    Does it matter if the hangtags are leather or the big clunky metal ones (usu brass or nickel)?

    I've never thought to remove mine (even the clunky ones), but read in a style book that all designer/maker tags should be removed.

    What do you think?
  2. OMG if someone is throwing theirs away I will take them! I NEVER would get rid of my hangtangs...they are like extra bling. LOL
  3. Wait which book stated that the tag should be removed/ did it say why to removed it??
  4. My sabrina had 3 hangtags (duuh) and the biggest metal one bugged me (making this sound everywhere i go) so i took it off and hung it on my car rearview mirror ;) I guess its not the best thing to do, but at least its "in use" lol.
  5. Toss them?! OMG that's like the 8th Deadly Sin isn't it?

    And yes they are meant to keep on the bag.. heck.. why would Sabrina have 3 if they weren't intended to be a part of the design!!!
  6. I keep mine always too
  7. toss 'em?!! :wtf:
    never! unless it was a big ol' brass clanky one, then I would store it but still no tossy!
  8. I would NEVER toss them. I personally think that devalues the bag, especially if you ever thought you'd resell it. I love the look of them personally and keep them on my bags!!
  9. if you're going to toss them, sell them on ebay and make some $$
  10. I always keep mine on.
  11. Wow, I'd slap my own self if I threw my hangtags away! haha... I keep all mine attached!
  12. wait... do you mind the store tags? bkz that would make sence for you to ask if we toss or keep... bkz they are paper tags... did you mean that? if so- i keep mine, but i don't really know why.
  13. I definitely keep mine attached, it never would have occurred to me to remove them, and I would never ever throw them away. I think they're part of the look of the bag.
  14. "Before You Put That On" by Lloyd Boston - he suggests that all exterior tags that are made of the same material of the handbag be removed and considers it a major style offense if you don't.

    Apparently, I've been an offender all my life and looks like I'll happily stay that way since so many of you will be in the same style pokey with me if they catch us :smile:
  15. You know, I leave all of the tags on *and* I often match my eyeshadow to my outfits. Chalk me up as the worst style offender ever! ;)