coach tag

  1. I have a quick and crazy question about the coach tags, the price tags.. most of my bags it says coach in brown lettering, but I just got a bag from eBay that says coach in gold lettering.. , I just am checking, is that normal? has coach made bags with the lettering in gold?? It kind of wigged me out. Thanks!!
  2. all of the tags I have ever seen are the same. Not sure if someone else might offer a different perspective though.
  3. the price tag should always be the same...the creed, however, can be gold.
  4. so the white pricetag that usually says COACH in brown colored lettering.. what if it is in gold? Do you think that is a fake tag? Let me take a pic, maybe that will help
  5. okay, I just looked again.. the ones from the boutique I JUST bought are a darker brown, the factory ones are almost black, and this one is maybe light brown.. it might not be gold.. but it is definately lighter brown
  6. it would be easier to tell if you took a pic.
  7. show us some pics :smile:
  8. ok.. here is the pic... don't know if it will help :confused1:
  9. uhm. not really.

    did you post this in the authentication thread? it'd be easier to see the whole bag. (i'm trying to see that seam in the background...)
  10. yes, i posted in authentication thread... in the monring I will post tags side by side.. thanks for your help!
  11. is that the tag to the mia?! cause that's the bag that is often faked REALLY well...
  12. yes, it is the mia.... the auction # was 200122693911
    I am thinking I have bought bags in the past w/ tags like this, but I may be going crazy :wtf:
  13. okay, here they are side by side... somebody help! :confused1: TIA
  14. hmmmm, I'm not liking how the font is just a tiny bit different......
  15. Is it just my eyes or does the line in the middle of the "A" on the right look lower than the line in the "A" on the left?? And the bottom line of the "C's" don't line up with the top line on the right tag?? :confused1: Maybe it's just me?