"Coach" tag missing?

  1. Just bought my sister a new bag while I was on vacation in New York city (I'm from Toronto). When I gave it to her tonight, we realized there's no "Coach" tag! (that little leather tag on the metal link) -- i know it's a small detail, but is there anything I can do about this? (I feel like the bag is used or something now...)
  2. you can call coach and request a new one. :yes:
  3. If it's camel... I have an extra one, the last bag I bought at the outlet had 2 tags on it. :smile:
  4. You could call them, but I read elsewhere that they usually send you the wrong one. I guess you can try the Coach store and ask them about it.
  5. ^i've requested 3 and always got the right one. i think it's hit or miss sometimes.
  6. I've never had a problem with them sending the correct tag and I've gotten four or five.

  7. That's great! I just read comments in other threads and people were saying how they received different hangtags each time...bad impression then because I have yet to call Coach and ask for a replacement hangtag. It's good to know that Coach doesn't fail on it's "hangtag replacement service". :smile:
  8. i understand that loosing those tags can be a nightmare.. does it actually increase the value?
  9. Yeah, I called to get a replacement tag...got sent the wrong tag twice...not worth it for me to call again just to get another WRONG tag.

    Evidently...they didn't know the difference between "ebony" and "white"...
  10. Remember that with limited edition bags you may have a harder time getting.
  11. thanks everyone for your help! thanks mwisner for your kind offer, unfortunately it's a dark brown bag.
    but i'll give Coach a call, hopefully it works!