Coach Swingpack ?

  1. Would a swingpack hold a small digiatl camera, a wristlet, and a few maps? Why I am asking is I *think* it would make a great vacation bag. It looks to small for me for everyday use, but I think they are so cute. I would love to get one, but need a use for it. So we vacation several times a year and i do not like to take my big bags with me. So would this be a great little travel bag?
    We always carry a larger carry on bag-this would just be used like a day pack.
  2. i think it might b a little overstuffed w the maps and camera. i would go to the store and try it and c. i know whenver we go to tourign around Dh usualyl has a bakcpack too and we put sunscreen and a camera in there so a swinpack would work then
  3. I bought my swing pack for a vacation at Disneyland. I decided it was going to just be too small for all that I needed to carry. I do love my swing is prefect for so many things (going to the park, grocery shopping and small trips around town).

    I agree that it may be a bit too full with a camera, maps and a wristlet. A wristlet by itself would be a bit of a tough fit. Maybe a mini skinny would work better for you. Maps could always slide in a slip pocket in the front or back if the swing pack you are looking at has one.

    Hope that helps. Let us know what you decide!
  4. I love my swingpack on trips. It has gone to Disneyland with me many times. I do use it with a mini skinny and it holds all I need.
    The new Legacy swingpacks have a pocket in front. I think that would work great for your camera.
  5. It depends on how small the camera is. It could possibly work. you could put the maps in the outside sleeve.
  6. I would get a file pack or file bag. My aunt just bought one and it is a bigger version of a swing pack and it holds a lottttttttt.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I did not realize they were that small. I guess I will just stick with a regular backpack and just use my Coach wristlet for my eye candy. I just hate to leave them behind.
  8. When I was in FL I used my Swingpack ALOT. Usually I had in there, a lip balm, eye drops mini-skinny with cards/money and my small Cannon digital camera (a bit smaller than an Altoids tin). I think you may be pushing it with a wristlet though.
  9. mine fits my didgital camera- but it's a small one, my wristlet, but i changed it becuase it was a little too long (i think other wristlets are smaller!)
    and i think all of that could work. go to an outlet- mine (leeseburg va) ALWAYS has sweimng packs, and sometimes their pretty cheap and have like 20 or 30% off of that

    mine fits my nintendo ds, a little game case, my digital camera, my wristlet, and my cell phone- and it has a front pocket that i put pens in!
  10. I had a regular signature swingpack (8 x 7) that I took to Sea World and it was so hard to get in and out of so I sold it.

    Then I just found a great swingpack that will work perfect (I think). I went and tried it out in the store and it's so much bigger. It's the legacy signature swingpack (8 x 9), comes in two colors (all brown or khaki/black) and it's big!

    #40725 $178 I'm going to pick mine up later today or tomorrow.