Coach Swing Packs

  1. Im going to be doing a little traveling, and I needed something I could just put things in and not really worry about it. So I thought of something like the LV Bosphore Pochette, or the Gucci ones, but they were a little pricey to be using for like a week only (unless I end up falling in love with it) So I came across the Coach Swing Packs. I know theyre highly overrated, but do you think its a pretty good price for what im looking for? I think it is, because who could beat $120 at the most. But yeah, if anyone has one tell me what you think about it! Also can you show me how much can actually fit in it without it looking overly bulgy? Thanks everyone! :yes: Also help me figure out which is the nicest.

    Classic Signature with Vachetta Leather --


    Gallery signature with either White or Vachetta Leather --

    Haha I dont like the black ones, and I love the Kahki signatures, so I just need to know which signature looks best (Classic or Gallery) and which leather goes best with it (Vachetta or White)

    My favorite so far is the Gallery Signature with White leather.

    Thanks again!
  2. I'd say go gallery with white leather.
  3. I personally like the classic better :smile: I saw these today when I went shopping and they're pretty thin...they looked like they would comfortably fit a phone, wallet and maybe a slim camera without it looking too bulky :smile:
  4. Do you think so? I almost never see them and I have never heard that! I have one in black leather from my boyfriend's sister. I actually prefer the Gallery with gold, which is not the question you were asking--I don't really like the white or vachetta, but if you like the white you should go with that. I can hold a Coach wallet, phone, camera, ... and I totally love it. Where are you traveling?
  5. Haha I love them still though. I was in Vegas, and I saw tons of em. So maybe just there? Anyways I like the gold one too... Ive been digging gold things lately so I dont know? Possibility maybe? Hahaha I WANT ONE! Is it nice and comfortable when you wear it?

    Oh im going to do a bit of travelling to Vegas (ALOT), im also going to Hawaii & tons of family is coming over summer so that means Disneyland. :blink:
  6. My daughters use those my vote is the white leather. Hers never looks stuffed. She has tissues, balm, keys, mini skinny, another small wallet and even stuffed a thin digital camera. I like it so much I tried to steal it away from her but it didn't work.
  7. Haha, thats soo bad stealing from your daughter! That sounds like a ton of stuff, I should get one.
  8. gallery with white leather =]
    so fresh, brown = winter, white = summer.
    i've had my eye on those too!
  9. Gallery definitely- but I'm really not a fan becuase every time I see one, I think that the person wanted the cheapest Coach they could buy that still had the CC's.
  10. HAHA yeah, thats what I always thought too but ehh its whatever.

    I might get one just for the summer trips.
  11. I'd go for the Gallery with Vachetta. (The white gets dirty from what I've seen...)
  12. aw, be nice! wristlets are less expensive! and I don't consider $118 or any Coach products cheap
  13. Coach -- IMO, makes nice things at a good price. I still like the things they make.
  14. If you live near a Coach store or a department store that sells Coach, you should go in with the stuff you want to carry and see how it fits in a swing pack. Since they're all the same size regardless of the pattern it doesn't matter what they have in stock. Coach stores have always encouraged me to make sure I can fit my stuff in before I make any decisions, I'm sure they'd be happy to let you do the same. That way you can try it on with the stuff you want to carry and be sure it's what you want. I agree that they're very cute, and I've been eyeing the indigo patchwork one . . .
  15. Gallery! I will say all the 1st 3 colours are nice except black one.

    Vachetta is classic. Gold is Cool. White is Sporty. Oh no looks like u are goin to have a hard time...

    Get all 3 of them :P if u can. hee... I like all of them!