Coach Swing pack - what do you think of it?

  1. I was thinking of getting one of the signature stripe swingpacks for my moms bday - shes going to be 58 - she doesnt own anything Coach yet, and she drives a small sportscar, so doesnt like large bags. Do you think this might be a good choice? How much can fit into one of these? Shes usually a Dooney girl, but I thought she needed a little Coach in her life...:yes:
  2. I just got the holiday patchwork swingpack and can fit in a mini skinny, a wristlet with my compact, lipstick and airborne to go, my keys, cell phone and my checkbook with ink pen. I think it's quite cute and handy for when I don't want a bigger bag. And it's very comfy to wear. I think it's a nice gift!
  3. that is quite bit of stuff - do you wear it on your shoulder or across body?
  4. I bought my mother her first coach for Christmas...a mini-signature swing pack in black/grey. (she actually picked it out - but I "accessorized" it with a picture key fob and a mini-skinny)

    She LOVES the swing's perfect for her when she's shopping. She can fit her wallet (which is small) or the skinny, her keys, her smokes (that's my mom! hehe), and her sunglasses. All she needs for 'shopping'.

    even in her regular mom carries alot less than me...I look like i'm running away from home every day.
  5. the size could not be more perfect for the price and category. ilove mine for running errands like paying paper bills, or going to amusement parks or fairs, bringing a book and a wallet to starbucks for a relaxing session of chilling out, great when you are riding your bike (it doesn't fall in places you sweat, doesn't get in the way and you can't drop it!)

    i love mine. although, i only get to use it about 5 to 10 times a month. i still lvoe it!
  6. I wear mine on my shoulder. I'm just more comfortable that way. That's why I like it though, I have the option to use it either way.
  7. I use it across body. I love my swingpack,I use it alot. I have a fall colored one,and once spring comes I may purchase another!.
  8. Swingpacks are great, I used it on vacation and from then on. I might get a new one, just waiting to see if they come out with any new ones first.
  9. I love my swingpack. I use it all the time, especially when I'm walking the dog or taking my kid to the park, or shopping.

    Here's a picture of the most I've crammed in it:

    swingpack with stuff 1.JPG
    swingpack full inside.jpg

    Usually, though, I carry a Coach mini wallet, cellphone, keys, lipbalm and pack of kleenex. If I use a mini skinny instead of the wallet, I can put a small water bottle in.

    I wear it crossbody and it's very lightweight. I love it so much, I just bought another one in black leather to go with my fall/winter clothes.

  10. Wow thanks for the pics! Super helpful!
  11. ^^^ No problem!

  12. Wow I didn't think that much could fit, Thanks for the pics.