Coach survey

  1. Anyone else get an email from Coach today with a survey? They asked about purchases in the past three months, and then focused questions on jewelry, wallets/wristlets and handbags. After you do the survey you are entered to win one of 20 $250 gift cards. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  2. I got it...filled it out this of the longer, more detailed survey's they've sent me.
  3. I got it too. Answered it and submitted it. Hopefully someone on here will win ;)
  4. I didn't get one, but they keep messing up my e-mail address.
  5. no! i didnt'!
  6. Ive done them and never won :s theyre so long and detailed that i dont do them anymore. AND come to think of it, at the time that I did one I didnt get a PCE coupon either. so mean!
  7. I always get emails from Coach but didn't get a survey. I want the change to win a gift card :sad:
  8. I got one today too! I filled it out and everything! Hoping for that 250$ coupon thing!! :biggrin:
  9. I've done Coach survey twice already in the past and never won anything. The least they could do is offer a coupon for the trouble the way JC Penney and Borders do after one completes the survey.
  10. Best of luck! Wish I could have gotten the survey, I could use $250!
  11. :nogood: didnt get one:shrugs: But GOOD LUCK to those who did! Cant wait to see if a pf'r wins!:nuts: