Coach Survey

  1. Ok guys~was just hitting up the site and got snagged for a new survey. The survey asked about a "loyalty" program. One question I remembered was, something about getting a $100.00 gift card for every $1,000.00 spent!!!! So I ((sniff sniff)) smell something in the works about a new loyalty/customer rewards program? How great would that be???? Frequent "buyer" points at Coach....YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::happydance::happydance::party::party::dothewave::dothewave:
  2. One the one hand, $100 is only 10% of $1,000, but better than nothing! On the other hand, it might be nice to give everyone that spends over a certain amount per quarter the 25% discount. Or compile all of our purchases, whether or not we shop at the boutique,, or Coach outlet! They're getting our money, no matter where we spend it!!! :tup:
  3. Good point. I included in my responses about wanting more loyalty customer sale events too. Maybe like instead of shipping items off to outlets first, giving loyalty customers or rewards buyers first ideal scenario would be...let's say a style is getting ready to go to outlets...loyalty customers would get 25% off (like PCE) and if they have a rewards card, could take an additional 10% off....that would rock!
    That's the part that bothers me...why pay full price when I know at some point a bag that I don't just have to have will probably end up at an outlet or on eBay for less at some point?
  4. ugh...survey has not come up for me at all and i would love to put my vote in for a loyalty program.
  5. Took the survey last week. The rewards ideas is the best thing ever.
  6. Keep hitting refresh on the front page - it will show up eventually.
  7. I so agree with that!
    Some of the bags at the outlet are still over 200-300 so why not combine them? It's not like it's not Coach anymore when it hits the outlets.
  8. Clear out your cache. You get the survey again.
  9. I got hit with that survey today too. It was asking how would you like to earn $100 gift card for every $1000 you spend. Also asked if you wanted a personal shopper, to know your shopping history and a bunch of other things. I'd be THRILLED to get the customer loyalty buck!
  10. I agree I'd like a loyalty reward like that...but I have gotten and answered survey's with that question probably 5 or 6 times over the past don't get too excited..... Just keep answering honestly and positively...and maybe eventually we'll see something.
  11. :happydance::happydance::happydance:

    I don't care if we got $50 back for every 1,000-- at least it would be SOMETHING!

    I hope they do something like this! :nuts:

    I put in the survey that I LOVED the idea!