Coach "Surprise" Gifts

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  1. I'm insanely excited about making a trip up to NYC to see my fiance on Thursday! All week he's been talking about picking me up a surprise. Today when he called me after work he wouldn't tell me what subway station he was waiting for a train at because it would give away my gift... RED FLAG *BLEEKER STORE* is pretty much the only place I know how to get to on my own. (lol) :nuts:

    I finally stopped thinking about it for a few hours pondering what he would have gotten me if he didn't go there. And then when he called me a little bit ago he made a comment about how he had Fiji water at work today and doesn't get my obsession with it. I let him believe I thought he had it at work but really inside I'm screaming *BLEEKER STORE*!

    ... anyway now I'm convinced it's Coach and from my favorite Coach boutique ever. I'll keep you guys updated on what it ends up being.

    But when your SO goes to the Coach store can he keep it a secret or does he end up giving it away because he doesn't know as much about the brand as you do?
  2. oh the horrible....specially for something from coach. i really do hope its coach. keep us informed
  3. That is so cool! Hope you get something awsome, but let me tell you, my husband wont even go into a coach store with me much less without. Count your blessings LOL!
  4. How exciting! Coach is the best surprise! Can't wait to hear what he gets you!

    My BF doesn't fully support my Coach habit just yet although I just starting getting into it over Christmas. He does listen to my Coach ramblings somewhat though because he got me a wristlet that I wanted for V-day. I am slowly trying to break him in, lol! I didn't know if he heard me, so it was nice to know that he pays attention and I didn't know he was going to get it for me.
  5. That's soo cute! I hope it's a pretty coachie for you!
  6. Awww thats so sweet! I can't wait to see what you get!
  7. I wish I could share photos with you guys but I didn't bring my camera wire...

    He got me a hamptons leather wallet in yellow with a turn lock AND a Ellie in a bright green. I'm in love with it. Although, I'm pretty upset with the bag itself. It has an ink mark on it and the bottom is dirty so it will be exchanged tomorrow.

    Here is a teaser image from my phone.

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  8. That is so sweet of him! I love the bag! That color is gorgeous!
  9. Wow!! That is a GREAT color!! He did great!! Congrats!
  10. Wow beautiful!
  11. He has good taste. :tup: That bag is beautiful.
  12. What an awesome guy!! Congrats! I need to find myself a man that will buy me Coach, lol.
  13. You know I had to take back my Black Bleecker Canvas tote the next day because the stripe was discolored.

    Great BF and best of luck with the exchange.
  14. Wow -nice bag!
  15. Beautiful bag - great color, too! He's definitely a keeper!:tup: