Coach Sunnies

  1. Hi's a question for you.

    Last PCE I purchased the "Sofia" Torties and until recently, I truly have not worn them. I have some Spy sunglasses that I wear mainly because I am really hard on my sunnies. :push:

    Anyhoo, my Sofia's make a terribly loud creaking noise whenever I open them up and put them on. The noise sounds like the lens' may pop off at any second! :tdown:

    Have any of you had any problems like this with your sunnies? TIA for your input and suggestions! :supacool:
  2. I have two pairs of Coach sunglasses and haven't had that problem. I know some new glasses may creak because they're so tight at first. If it's that kind of frame creaking, then it should loosen up after the first few wears.
  3. I have one pair and haven't had that problem. Mine sit a little crooked on my face though:weird:
  4. My daughter only wears Coach sunnies anymore, she loves them.

    But beware of the new white ones that are out, the lining of the sunglasses case they give you with them will stain the plastic. Nicole returned them twice and so did others.

    On the 3rd pair she got she took a new sock and trimmed it and she keeps the glasses in their inside the coach case. So no staining or transfer of color.

    My Coach store said they sent the rest of their stock back because of the complaints.
  5. Thanks all for your input, I may take my sunnies back to Coach and see if they have had any problems with Sofia! I will wear them for a few days first to see if maybe they just need to be broken in.
  6. I've taken my Coach sunnies to Lenscrafters to have them of charge. Maybe have them look at them if there is one in your area?

    Of course, they will tell you they will NOT take responsibility for the sunglasses if they should crack/break during just be aware of that.

    Evidently, keeping your sunnies in their case, in a hot car, WILL cause them to distort. I haven't had this issue with a pair of my Chanel sunnies...but all of my Coach plastic-frame sunnies have taken a trip to lenscrafters to have them adjusted due to them "warping" in the car.

    Now I leave all my sunnies in the basement in a basket and grab whichever pair I want at the time. heheh
  7. I keep my sunglasses in their case in my purse. That way they don't sit in the car.
  8. I have the Posey sunnies and I haven't had any problems with them. If they aren't in the case, they are on my face....but I never leave them in the car, they are either at home or in my purse.
  9. thanks for all the tips, don't want to do anything to hurt my new found babies:smile:
  10. I have the Samanthas in white and oh donna is right, the inside of the case stains the sides. I took them back and got a new pair. I say if you are not happy take them back.