Coach Sunnies on Ebay...

  1. How do you know if they are real or not? I'm looking at a couple, even put a bid on 2 pair but since seeing the very authentic looking wallet fake I'm worried! How do you know? I want some glasses--time to throw the macy sale glasses in the bag and wear some nice Coach ones!!! :p

  2. ^ sometimes I wonder the same thing. I am in need of some new sunnies as well but hesitate to buy from eBay for that very reason. Have you posted the auction links in the Authenticate thread? the ladies there are so helpful and really know what they're talking about!
  3. Not really a direct answer to your eBay question, because I too am leery of buying sunnies on Ebay, but if you are looking for Coach sunnies for a good price try Nordstrom Rack if you have one near you. I have been seeing a lot of them there over the last few months. I also saw a few at my local TJMaxx over the last couple weeks. I would have gotten a pair myself if I did not need perscription ones. The TJMaxx ones did not have a case, but at Nordies Rack they even had the cases for them.
    If you do go the Ebay route make sure to post them in the Authenticate This thread first like wvucat suggested - the people over there are always so helpful. Good luck!
  4. I've wondered the same thing about Ebay. I look at the sunglasses all the time, but I'm too afraid of buying a fake. I have no idea what to even look for but I've heard a lot of people getting them at outlets and TJ Maxx. Unfortunately I've never seen any at these places though.
  5. Thanks--I posted in the authenticate this thread--hopefully I'll find out they're real and they'll be MINE!!! LOL! I don't have a Nordies here--we're a Macy's only, but expecting a Nordstrom's this spring/summer at Ross Park Mall.

  6. My one and only experience buying Coach sunnies on Ebay was a disaster. I asked the seller to make sure they weren't all scratched and he assured me they were in MINT condition.
    Well, the lenses were full of scratches and the one lens didn't even fit in the frame right. You could literally slip a piece of paper thru the gap. I had to go back and forth with the seller for my money back but that was it for me. I would rather wait for PCE and go purchase them where I can see them IRL!