Coach Sunnies at Nordstrom Rack only $64.97!!!

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  1. I was at Nordstrom Rack at the Mall of Georgia today, and they had a huge table of Coach sunnies all for only $64.97 each! They were all really cute and flattering on the face!
  2. Do they come with cases too?
  3. The Rack at HHughes Ctr in LA had a ton of these a few days ago too and most of them had the cases with them.
  4. The one in Plano, TX had a bunch too, with the cases. They had the "Joelle" style that I bought full price last year... oh well!
  5. I used to work at the Rack. While some had cases with them, the rest of the cases were kept in the back. We had a whole basket full of Coach sunglass cases back there! When someone brought up a pair of Coach (or most any other brand for that matter), we'd go into the back and get the corresponding case.

    I'm not sure if this is true for all Nordstrom Rack stores, however.
  6. I also saw a Miu Miu sunglasses in pink for $50.
  7. I bought a pair of Joelle's in black a few weeks ago for this price! Yay!!

    They should :yes:
  8. I just bought a pair of Coach "Ella" sunglasses (with the interchangeable "legacy" side bezels) and yes, they came with the case and cleaning cloth- yay!!! (Bought at Nordstroms Rack in San Diego)
  9. I think the deals are great at nordstrom rack for sunglasses. Thankfully when their supplies dwindle they always seem to get more - but different styles. Ive learned get them if you like them because they might not be there next time, or they might be scuzzed out by the time you come back for them!
  10. Yep, cases and cleaning cloth!