Coach Sunnies...alternate case?

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  1. Hi all,

    I love the new swingpacks for use on vacations. BUT, I have Coach sunnies and the case is HUGE! Any suggestions on how to use a swingpack with sunnies? Does anyone use an alternate (i.e. smaller) case?

  2. maybe try a pouch instead of a case?
  3. I have Oakley sunglasses and they came with a big hard case and also a bag one that also cleans them. :tup:
  4. My sunglasses case is huge also but I am really afraid of not using it, I just KNOW that someone would sit on my bag or something and that would be that. It isn't so far-fetched btw, I was over my mom's and put my bag on her coach for a minute and my son sat down and was leaning all over it. I think I'd buy a pair I could stand getting broken and use those when I was carrying the swingpack, or just be really careful :smile:
  5. I think I'll just pass on the swingpack. I love my sunnies too much to compromise them. Thanks for the suggestions though!
  6. One track mind much? :biggrin: