Coach Sunglasses

  1. Well I've been looking for a pair of sunglasses for the warm months and I figured I should get a quality pair so I just ordered the Samantha in Brown. I was a tad worried about it because it's difficult to tell if you'll look good with them on but said that's the best pair if you have a round face so here's hoping! So are their sunglasses good quality? I've never paid that much for sunglasses before and I want to make sure it's worth the cash! Thanks again so much!
  2. why wait for warm months? you need to wear sunglasses year around - especially with sunlight bouncing off snow!

    I LOOOOOOVE the Samanthas... very very classic.


    my eyelashes are too long! (and they really aren't that long!) I think the way that (most of) the coach sunglasses are made, they curve around the face alot...and my eyelashes brush against the lenses.

    I'm hoping and PRAYING that the Vale (vail?) style doesn't do this...I'm so in love with those glasses....

    Enjoy your new sunnies and post a picture when you get them!
  3. i agree....wear them all year long!!!!!
  4. the samanthas are hott!

    one of our best sellers! right now they have it in an olive kinda green that i absolutely :heart: because you rarely see that color in sunglasses.

    and i agree with everyone else. you can wear sunglasses year round. i do. :smile:
  5. ^^That always happens to me too! I have a pair of chanels from last summer and I'm constantly cleaning the lenses, and even my regular glasses too, it sucks!

    back to topic- go for it! you can't beat their warranty, and they have some really cute styles, and I want to check out those olive ones as well! Although I should stay on track and get a pair of aviators like I was planning to..
  6. lol aarti!

    we all get sidetracked. :smile: but you should definitely look at the olive ones. i'm just sad b/c they don't compliment my face.

    i have an oval face shape.

    i'm hoping for the olive color to appear in other styles. but so far samantha and sarahs are the one with the most colors. samantha has had tortiose (sp), black with red tint and without the red tint, in white, and now olive.
  7. Well I ordered a Samantha in the brown (red hair, matches best!) and I can't WAIT to get it! I have average sized lashes I suppose so I hope it's alright! I'm more worried about how they look on my uber round head. ;D
  8. I have the olive Samanthas as well, they are my driving sunglasses. I am known for losing every pair of sunglasses that I have ever owned but these just stay in my car and are not allowed outside of the car.

  9. Good Morning Ladies !
    My daughter has the Samatha sunnies in Black and I have the Alicia in Burgundy, however we both have the eyelash hitting the lenses thingy going on !! My eyelashes are not long at all, I just think it's the way they are made. However they are gorgeous shades and we love them ! I was looking for the Daisy ones with the Crystal "C"s on the arms but they are really hard to find and they look a bit "Bug-Eyed" on a round face shape !
  10. i think so. the quality is nice in the construction. as for the lenses? not my favorite, but better than most brands. honestly, most expensive brands don't use the best lenses, so it will be like that anywhere but oakley. who do their own lenses and testings.
    i think they are pretty great as far as durably fashionable. i have had these small aviators for about, i would guess, two years now and they are alright.
  11. what if you need presciption lenses? can you take them to an eye place and...i dunno....fix them?
  12. yea.
  13. you get brand new lenses shaped to the style of the frame. not usually really cheap.
  14. ok, good, thank you.^^
  15. I have a couple of pairs of Coach sunnies, including the Samanthas in black. I also have an oval-to-round face and very long lashes, and no problem with either. My glasses are all either Coach or Oliver Peoples, and I have had no complaints about the Coach sunnies. You will love them!