Coach Sunglasses

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  1. What do you have? I'm looking at the "Sarah" in tortoise.
  2. I was looking at a pair but I ended up getting another pair from Kenneth cole. I'm still looking to get a pair of Kendall in black.
  3. I like the Kendall (Tortoise) as well.:yes:
  4. I have tortoise samanthas and black suzies. :yes:
  5. I have the black chelsea with the little diamonds on the temples - ive had them for almost 2 years and they've held up great!
  6. I have the Samanthas in the Onyx and the Tortoise Green :smile: I've had the onyx for 3 years now and they're still new!
  7. I have the Eva in tortoise and I love them. Buying them was the most I ever spent on sunglasses- my Gucci ones were cheaper at Off Fifth.
  8. I am wearing the Kendall's in tortoise in my avatar. Love them, I get tons of compliments on them. They were my first pair of exspensive sunglasses in a LOOOOOONG while (I had some RayBan Wayfarers back in the day!)
  9. I love Coach sunglasses! I think I'm kinda addicted!

    The first three are reading glasses. (Lizzie/514/Tortoise, Maggie/513/Black, Julianne/502/Burgundy). The other two sunglasses are Anna/S439/Black and Allie/S460/Tortoise.

    Grace/S452 in Tortoise and Burgundy.

    Judi/S457 in Tortoise and Black.

    Sadie/S607 in Black, Brown and Plum.

    Talia/S513 in Bronze and Anna/S439 in Caramel.
  10. I have Samanthas in white, and the Daisy's in tortoise.
  11. I have Kendall (black) and Sadie (plum).
  12. I dunno what it's called. I have to look at it again but it's not with me as of the moment.
  13. I just got my first pair yesterday - Suzies in burgandy. Love 'em!
  14. I just bought a pair of Allie's in Tortoise today with my 25% card!
  15. I have the Lauren in burgandy with a brautiful red signature case