Coach sunglasses

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  1. Do you any of you own Coach sunglasses? How's the quality? Are they durable? Break easily?

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks! :yes:
  2. I have 3 pair and haven't had any problems out of them.
  3. I also have 3 pairs and never had any problems with them! I would say they are pretty durable as mine have slipped off and fell to the ground several times and didn't get messed up...:smile:
  4. I've had the Lindsay's for 2 years, the only problem that I've had was that they kept on stretching out, I had to send them in twice to get fixed, but then that stopped happening. They hold up extremely well, I've worn mine to outdoor concerts with rowdy crowds (Warped Tour and Bamboozle) and they haven't broken yet!
  5. I have a pair that I've had for two years, but they haven't stretched out at all. And, I pull down on them all the time when I am driving and change lanes. Sorry, can't remember the style, but I don't think they are available anymore, anyway.

    Oh, I'm wearing them in this lousy icture LOL.
  6. i have 5 pairs. :shame:
    Patricia, Suzie, Alicia, Sarah, and Talia

    They hold up great...however, I'm horrible about leaving them in my car in their case...and in the summer heat, they DO warp a bit (the plastic ones that is)

    I just take them to Lenscrafters and they adjust them for free...never had a problem otherwise with them!
  7. Durable and Beautiful
  8. Yup, I agree - I have "Chelsea, Sara, and Patti" and they are all great. The Chelseas were a little stiff when I first got them, but they are fine now. I usually leave them in my car too but since reading about the heat and possible warping I will probably take them inside. (thanks for the heads up) :smile:
  9. They are durable, just dont sit on them like I did. They arent THAT durable!
  10. I have a pair and there are great and durable.
  11. I have the Keri's and they are the only sunglasses I seem to wear anymore. I have a little addiction to sunglasses as well as handbags and I just love my Coach sunglasses.:heart:

    Go ahead, try a pair :yes:
  12. I found out today that the Coach sunglasses are made by the same company that makes Gucci and Prada. Can't remember the name right now. I've had a couple of pairs and they have lasted as well or better than some of my pricier pairs.
  13. Wow! Thank you for your input! I just bought Jenni sunglasses and love them!!!! But I wanted to see how durable Coach sunglasses were!