Coach Sunglasses Question

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  1. Hi,
    Do the Coach Sunglasses have that Oversized look? I am actually liking the "Vail" design but am afraid they are going to take over my head!!!
  2. It really depends on the style. Some of them are smaller and some are more oversized. If you can get to a store it would probably help to try some on.
  3. I'm a HUGE fan of oversized sunglasses...but the Vail style was just BIG over the frames were just too big for my head.

    be sure to try on in person before you buy them!
  4. I have the Sofia's and while they are a bit oversized, I don't feel like they take over my face like some other oversized sunglasses that I've the Dior Glossy's for instance!! I felt like a bug in those! I think you'll just need to try them on to see for sure how they look on you.