Coach Sunglasses - polarized?

  1. Are Coach sunglasses polarized? It doesn't say anything about that on the Coach website and I'm curious to know before buying any.

    I just got Coach frames (Adelle) in brown/camel (brown exterior, camel interior) for my eyeglasses and they are super cute! The color in the attachment is much darker but you get the idea.

    I prefer smaller frames and it seems the sunglasses are so...big. I know it's trendy but I can't do it...does anyone have smaller sized Coach sunnies? Thanks for any info!!

    Adelle eyeglass frames:
    Adelle.jpg Adelle2.jpg
  2. I would love a pair polorized! Don't know if they come that way though
  3. i just purchased the MIMI sunglasses this morning. there is no mention of them being polarized. i assume if they were it would be somewhere on the glassses. i also have a pair of EVA but i prefer the larger frames.
  4. They are unfortunetly not polarized :/