Coach Sunglasses - opinions please!

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  1. I went to Marshalls today looking for luggage, but instead, guess what I walked out Coach sunglasses! I've been looking at TJM and Marshalls the last few times I went with no luck, then today they had several pairs out on display! I couldn't decide, so I brought two home with me so MH could help me choose.

    Which do you like best? Or neither of them? Please be honest. I'm going to an outlet the week after next when I visit my parents in WI, so I might wait to see what I find there. But when I called the outlet, they were all $99, and both of the two I got at Marshalls were only $59.99!

    Also, do you know the names of these styles?

    (I will delete the personal pics after a bit.)


    Pair 1 up close:

    Pair 2 up close:

    Me in pair 1:

    Me in pair 2:
  2. Pair 2. Looks better with the shape of your face.
  3. I like #2 better, the logo printing on the first pair reminds me of Dame Edna glasses. Did you check on the inside of the arm for the name? Usually the name is printed on there. The outlets lately have had glasses more similar to pair #2, so I would just hold onto what you have until you return from the outlets.
  4. :whistle: DUH. Hehe, thanks!

    Pair 1 = Libby
    Pair 2 = Lexi
  5. I like pair 1 better. They make more of a statement IMO.

  6. I also say pair #2, they fit the frame of your face the best! G/L deciding!
  7. I prefer pair #1 on you! Both are gorgeous though, Congrats!
  8. I like pair #1.
  9. Pair 1 - The first pair look too boring.
  10. I like pair #1 and think they look the best on you. GL!
  11. PS, Your house looks lovely and so do you:smile:
  12. 2
  13. Pair 2. Don't like the logo lining on 1
  14. How do I edit my post? I would like to delete the personal pics and can't find an edit button??

    Thanks for all the replies! DH wants me to keep both (which I will until I at least get back from my trip to the outlet!), but for now I'm leaning toward the Lexi's (pair 2).
  15. Just looking at the pic's I like the rounder one on the left.


    On you I like these best.