Coach Sunglasses I'm getting from TJ Maxx!

  1. For 59.99 with a 10% discount I'm getting because my sister in law works there! :tup:
    Coach Lauren Burgandy.jpg
  2. cute glasses
  3. great find!
  4. awesome! what a great find!!! i look thru the bag/accessories section at TJMaxx & Marshall's whenever I go bc one time I saw a woman puying a Coach demi purse & almost died!!

    Congrats, they're soo cute- loove the heart on the side! :smile:
  5. sweet,i like those! Great price too! I have to check that store more often!
  6. adorable! i actually picked up a pair of juicy couture ones from tj maxx last week. they were like $50. theyre having a HUGE clearance sale and i saw alot of coach
  7. i love them! Which tjmaxx if you dont mind me asking
  8. Great find!
  9. Thanks! I can't wait to get them. I have to wait for wednesday since thats when she will be back at work, and she has them in lay away for me! Its the TJ Maxx at Scottsdale here in Arizona. I went there yesteday and they still had quit a few left too I saw like 5 more pairs.
  10. What a great find!! BTW...I LOVE the Gucci bag in your avatar! I only have 1 piece from Gucci, a wallet, and if I were to get a Gucci bag, the one in your avatar would be it! Whats the style name of that one if you don't mind me asking?
  11. Those are so cute!
  12. NICE! What is the name? I think I have those in Brown.
  13. Very cute. Coach sunglasses are the best!
  14. :biggrin: those are super cute!
  15. so cute! CONGRATS!