Coach Sunglasses Getting Dyed from Case?

  1. I have a pair of white Lexi sunglasses that are either on my face, or in their coach case. i noticed recently that around the edges, theres brownish/pinkish marks that i think are getting there from the dye of the inside of the case?! has anyone else had this problem?
  2. Are you wearing makeup? I have found sometimes my glasses get makeup on the edges....
  3. Is it stained or does it rub off for you? :confused1: I haven't had this problem but I don't own any sunnies that have white frames.
  4. the part that touches my face is black and the front is white. thats where its dyed, so its def not my makeup
  5. its def stained. i should post pictures when i get home
  6. If they are stained , I would take them back to the store and see if you can return them or something. Even tho they are white, I don't think they should be stained.
    I'd give it a shot, all they can do it tell you NO!
  7. Yeah please post pics so we all can see.. but I agree that if it's stained, you should take it back to the store...
  8. ^^ will do tonite
  9. This happend to my white Samantha glasses. I tried using baby wipes but you could still see the brown.