Coach Suede... will it come around again in fall?

  1. I'm fairly new to Coach, and loving it. I'm eyeing some pieces in camel suede on eBay, but just too nervous to buy bags on eBay for fear it might be fake.

    Can I expect Coach will have new suede bags out for the fall?
  2. if you have an auction you're looking at, post the link to it on the "authenticate this bag" thread..

    not sure about when they come out with more suede bags.. but I would think they would.
  3. Suede is a fall staple - it will be back!
  4. also the outlets may have the suede bags now.. they were really on sale a week or two ago
  5. That's what I was hoping! :yahoo:
  6. I saw a suede pink hobo at the outlet last week as well as some other suede pieces on clearance. The outlet seems to have a good selection throughout the year.
  7. I just purchased 2 beautiful authentic suede Coach bags on eBay! Coach's suede is delish!!!
    And I too am hoping that Coach will introduce some yummy new suede designs for this fall.