Coach suede question

  1. I went to the outlets and saw this tdf suede tote bag. The SA informed me that this bag was only a special use bag and not for daily use. The suede is not treated at all. Why would anyone get such a large bag and not use it every day (or most of the time)??

    My question... Are all suede Coach bags untreated? I went into Michael Kors (during the same outlet trip) and their suede bags are treated so that they are meant to be used every day.
  2. I think they are untreated but the hold up really well. I've had my dark brown suede Gallery Tote for a few years and it still looks great. I use it a lot in fall/winter but not when it's raining. :tup:
  3. It's easy enough to treat suede so I would say get it if you love it and then treat it yourself. Even if it came already treated, I would treat it again myself.
  4. My suede Coach bag has held up great and I only use mine in the winter (and I live in blizzard country). I say go for it!