Coach Suede Cleaning?

  1. Last summer when I was working I bought a pink mini c's magenta bag..god I L0VE it..the suede part began to get dirty:cry: ... I went to the coach store in Macy*s Herald Square where I bought it,and the SA told me it was a past season bag,and it should be only used for one season,and that I couldnt clean it... I :heart: this bag alot..what can I do to clean the suede part..I used teh suede doesnt work help?? going to throw it out or sell it if I cant clean it..its a eye sore :cry:
  2. I would either try the suede cleaner you can purchase in a store along with the eraser and brush or take it to a "good" drycleaner who specializes in suede.
  3. Ew, who says that you should of only used the bag for one season, what a crappy SA!

    I've heard a good drycleaner can work mircles.
  4. The eraser that comes with the Coach suede kit can take some light dirt off, but I haven't had much success with serious wear. I say try a dry cleaners that specializes in leather. I know a lady who's done some great stuff for my boyfriend's suede jacket.
  5. Agreed -- what a BS cop out answer that is. Must have been somebody new or clueless (or both!).
  6. What a horrible thing for an SA to say! I was just in Dillard's in Denver last week, admiring the new patchwork bags, and the SA there cleaned the suede on my bag for me! I have the pink Signature Small Carryall and the bottom is just filthy. She did a pretty good job getting some of it off, but not all. I guess I'll have to check with a dry cleaner.
  7. Thanks for posting this! I have a gallery tote in a beautiful brown suede from two years ago...and i have stopped using it because it is getting dirty. But it was a gift and i really love it... i am going to have to try a dry cleaner! Thanks so much
  8. I would recommend taking it to a shop specializing in shoe repair, not a drycleaner. In my experience, dry cleaners do not do special cleaning of suede bags (I've tried). But shoe repair stores deal with suede items that need hand-cleaning all the time.
  9. The suede cleaning kit that comes in the suede coach bags I've got has always worked wonderfully. (It also works great on my uggs...better than the special ugg cleaner). I know Nordstroms shoe department also sells suede cleaning products that are similar to what Coach provides when you buy a suede bag.
  10. Thanks for all of your suggestions =D.... I will bring it into the flagship COACH store to see what I should do. In Macy*s the some of the Coach SA are a bit snotty,while the LV part in Macy*s they are abit nicer.
  11. I am sorry to hear the sa was so rude to you!! That is crazy you can def use the bag for many many years not just one season. I would bring the bag to a coach store I am sure they can help you out. Maybe they can send it out to have it cleaned or pay the bill if you bring it elsewhere. I just went into coach with a pair of my sandals that broke, they told me I could send them out to repair with them or bring them to a cobbler close by and they would refund me my money I paid for the repair. Maybe they will do the same for you
  12. Hi! I have a coach small suede hobo in this very light purple lilac color, I love it so much but it's getting dirty and dusty now. I tried to use the suede brush that came with the bag, but it seems almost like it's too harsh on the suede and makes all these stringy pulled pieces hang off the suede.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Has anyone else cleaned their own suede bag with the coach suede cleaning kit?

  13. The coach kit worked great on my bags...and my uggs too! Sorry you're having trouble.
  14. i have a pink suede hobo and the first time i used it i brought it to my family's thanksgiving gathering. i went to get my phone mid-dinner and saw that something black (possibly mascara or eyeliner) covered a good two inch square of my purse. i was devastated!! it ruined the holiday. but anyway, i used the little suede block it came with (the one that is half pink and half white) and i followed the direction and slightly wet the white side of the block and rubbed at the stain and it took it right out. i agree about the brush being too hard, it looks like the brush my dad cleans the grill with! totally not the treatment a coach purse should have.
  15. i just got my patchwork ergo bag (pics forthcoming!) and it's lovely but it could use a cleaning. I called around in town and I couldn't find a place that cleans suede handbags - ack! Have any of you had a suede bag professionally cleaned, and if so did you use a national service or a local one? If you don't mind me asking, about how much did it cost? This bag isn't horribly dirty, it could just use a light cleaning :yes: