Coach subway encounter! (funny story)

  1. Hey guys, so I'm on the train with my boyfriend and this woman comes in and sits down next to us, with a chocolate signature soho tote (like this one below, but chocolate sig)


    so my boyfriend has this little game where he sees a coach bag on the train and asks me if it's fake.

    He just kind of points to the bag and looks at me

    And I'm like real! He's like, what is it called? I answer "Chocolate sig soho tote"!!

    He s like no way! How do you remember that? You're probably just making it up! So I m like no, I'm not!!

    So he asks the woman if the bag is what i said, and she says yes!!! lol and she starts talking to us asking me how I know, and I'm like obsessed!! She's like, is your bag real?? Lol I was like very funny! We went on and on talking about bags and engagements!! I ve never had a convo on the train in NY with somebody so nice!

    So when we were leaving I told her my name and that I'm going to be working at coach at columbus circle!!:nuts:

    I wonder if she goes on TPF?
  2. How cool! Wouldn't that be awesome if she was a PF gal!? Thanks for sharing such a nice story!
  3. cute story
  4. It's so cute how your BF talks with you about Coach!
  5. My husband is the same way. He always laughs at me when I point out fake bags.
  6. yea....Coach unites the world:tup::lol:
  7. Mine too but then he asks me how I know. So I tell him and eventually he winks and calls me a dork.:p
  8. That is so cool!
  9. That is a really cool story! I can't wait to hear all about your new job once you start!
  10. My Dh will be relieved to know that he's not the only one. Just the other night he got a little scared that he knew so much about handbags. He's gotten pretty good that he can now spot why some purses are fakes. Congrats on the new job.
  11. lol yeah :biggrin:
  12. my boyfriend can spot fakes now...and my family always asks me...real or fake?? and of course i know the answer its addiction
  13. Yeah, this is like my life story, lol. My boyfriend gives me so much crap because I know so much and there is actually a website like tPF. Silly boy.:p My co-workers always ask me when a coach bag comes into the branch. I get the same reaction every time, "how do you know that??!" lol, great story kat! Us coach girls gotta stick together!
  14. my bf talks to me about coach lols
  15. Awww...what a cute story!!! Which Coach were you wearing at the time? I love talking to people about handbags!