COACH subforum divisions?

  1. a lot of girls have been hinting at wanting a separate folder like the bigger brands have. so on behalf of the coach girls, could we have a folder like chanels accessory resource thread? if i can help in anyway of doing this or help to monitor it and see if it goes smoothly LMK.

    thanks for listening!

  2. i second that!

    between all of us over there, that'd be cool.
  3. I agree! That's a great idea!
  4. Just putting my two cents in, but I think it'a a great idea too!
  5. maybe we can get some more girls opinions?
    I was thinking a COACH REFERENCE THREAD
    and we'd have stuff like
    show us your coach pebbled goods
    "hamptons striped collection
    " legacy collection
    "resort collection
    "signature collection
    *evening bags

    or like
    *top handles
    *small goods/accesssories
    *cross body
    *cosmetic pouches
    *shoulder bags

    etc etc.
  6. i think that's good, aarti. i would like it separated by actual COLLECTION, rather than by type of bag (though it could be further categorized each post...this is x bag from y collection and it's a hobo bag)
    because, between all of us, we have a HUGE percentage of the bags...and whatever we don't have, we could track down. or buy. :P
  7. another question for the coach forum...
    is there any way we could get a mod? we have SO many duplicate threads from newbies not wanting to just search for their answer (which 9 times out of 10, it's been answered exactly). and, unless you're a mod, they won't listen to you...
  8. ^^Yeah I like the collection idea better as well.

    And I agree, I'd like to have a Coach mod, I feel like a child always running off and bothering poor swanky to report someone asking or selling something or duplicates and all.

    with that said I'm sorry swanky!!
  9. i know...i always feel bad, too...or else i feel like i'm complaining for nothing you know? like, i KNOW the answer for a question can be found if it was searched- but should i bother doing anything about it?

    i only mention the mod thing because i've gotten a few snippy responses for mentioning things (like doing a search or looking at the bottom of the page)

    (and sorry aarti for always posting right after you! i swear i'm not a stalker!!!)
  10. Ladies, I'll look into all of your suggestions this weekend, I promise!
  11. ^^thanks vlad!! APPRECIATE IT!
  12. is wrong for me to be excited for this? LOL.
  13. anything happening with this? aarti and i are both obviously excited! :nuts:
  14. I think we need to wait till after the holidays, megs and vlad'll take care of us when they can.
  15. since when am i patient though?!

    boredom leads to online shopping...:P