Coach Style 1455- Did they ever make other colors besides pink?

I called coach about this purse and he states that it came in blue, green, white and pink. Although Coach states the colors on their systems, the customer representative says only pink shows up for sale. Which he says that Coach only made the pink version and the other colors were never produced. He even checked all the stores in the nation and only the pink one shows up. How can that be when on ebay, there are the other colors being sold?!

Sorry..just shopping around for a girl =)


I see them on ebay. Just not sure how authentic they are. I've been to China many times and have bought fake purses. I've seen the fake coach ones, dior, prada, and LV. They also have different grading scales for these bags. Such as "A, AA, AAA and SUPER A" I bought a few "SUPER A" grade LV purses and I can no tell the difference. W/all this experience, I can actually spot a fake one whenever a girl carries their LV purses around.
the bag that you are looking at was from the resort collection last year--released around Christmas--I am remembering that they came in pink, as well as another color at least (maybe blue). Resort collections are limited editions, so I am not surprised that you can't find the other colors. I would wait for the new spring line to come out--they usually do some pastels at that time.
the picture that you have linked to the post is the bag from last year, down to the gold hardware. I wouldn't necessarily take the CSM at their word, as they are often wrong about things.
There was a baby blue just like that a friend of mine owns it. Last year they made green I think there was a ladybug on it. Coach does make certain styles over and over but the color may be a little different. The blue from 2 years ago had a different shoulder strap...there were no rings just the buckle where you attach it to the bag.
You need pictures of the interior of the bag along with a picture of the coach tag inside the bag. This seller does not accept returns, I hate that and probably wouldn't purchase from them.
Try a coach outlet. If in the New York area go to Woodburry Commons the outlet has last years stock. I'm very leary of Ebay for items like that. Also try Macy's and they will discount older coach merchandise. The smaller white hobo's like the one in your picture, are currently at Macy's.
I would call the outlets with the item number and see if they happen to have any in stock--if they do, it would be way cheaper than what the ebay seller is offering. I remember that the bag sold for either 208 or 218 at the retail Coach stores.