Coach striped legacy flats -- where to get them, other than

  1. You could try Macy's or another department store. My Macy's carries Coach shoes. :yes:
  2. Saks and Nordstrom carry Coach shoes as well.
  3. I believe that my Lord and Taylor has these shoes.
  4. Saw these at Macy's:yes:
  5. Saw them at Nordstrom and Macy's in NJ. GL!
  6. I love those shoes! I'm thinking about heading over to Lord and Taylor myself this weekend to get a pair- they're so cute!
  7. Macy's carries them. Seen them today.
  8. anyone know if they're comfortable?
    stiff or soft?
    wide or narrow?
  9. Bloomingdales carries them as well. Which is where I got mine. They are very comfortable, not stiff & a little wide (not enough to really notice).

    I love them & get a lot of use out of them so I was willing to shell out the full 138 (plus my size always sells out). But if you have a coupon for one of the dept stores you may be able to get something off.
  10. I saw them at Nordstroms in Tampa, They are so very cute but I had blown my budget already :cursing: