coach stripe reversible tote

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  1. i have really been wanting a red coach bag
    and when they came out with this bag i saw it in person before i saw it on the net
    so i was like :yahoo: bc it was red
    but i come home and on the internet there is only orange
    so i go back to get the red one and its gone
    so is it orange or red before i order it off ?


    see it looks orange
    im so confused :sad:
  2. Looking my coach Catalog it's called Khaki/Crimson(that is the red)
    Other colors are: Khaki/Mahagany, Khaki/Blue,Khaki/Parchment, Not shown is Khaki/Vermillion, Khaki/Mahogany One of these is an orange color (Vermillion?maybe) go to and see if you can play with the colors

    I'm sure I confused more than helped
  3. If you want red you want the crimson.
  4. There is Crimson and Vermillion, Crimson is moreso a true red and Vermillion is a red-orange (more orangey). Crimson is sold out in the smaller tote size (10124) but is available in 10125 I believe.

  5. thank you soo much
    bc i always see the crimson one but ive never seen it online just vermillion
    so i was confused
    thanks !!