coach stores

  1. Hi there.
    I have seen endless threads on Coach outlets....
    but does the regular Coach stores , NOT the outlets, ever have any
    I am not near one at all and would love to know before I make
    a special trip ....

    thanks !
  2. I asked the same thing a few weeks back and was told "No". HTH
  3. Coach stores do not have sales, but dept. stores (Macy's etc.) do have sales on Coach items.
  4. They do have the Preferred Customer Event- 25% off everything, which is by invitation only and just happened in December.
  5. The exception is they do occasionally mark the older SHOES down 50%....but that's the only sale they have outside the PCE.
  6. ^ yup. all i've ever seen are the shoes on sale.
  7. Shoes are the only things that go onsale at the store.
  8. Hmmm....well, maybe I stepped into the twilight zone one day, but I actually have been in a Coach store when they had a 20% off everything sale. That is how I purchased my first bag (and also got my first tantalizing whiff of bag obsession).
  9. that would be an outlet

  10. Actually, it wasn't an outlet. It was the Coach store in University Village in Seattle.