Coach stores vs. online

  1. Do the Coach stores typically only have what is listed online? I kind would like a charm for my purse (never had one before) but I'm not that impressed with the selection online... would the stores have any "older" charms that aren't listed on the web?

    Also... could you use a keychain as a charm for the purse? Maybe slide the keychain through one of the straps? Or is that tacky? I've never dressed up a Coach purse before but I'm thinking this black carryall could use a little burst of color.
  2. Lots of people use the keychains as charms. I've seen them hook the ring part around the hardware by a strap, on the hangtag and there are also some people who buy extra swivel snaps to attach them to their bags.

    As for availability, I think the stores pretty much have whatever is on the website. The outlet stores also have charms and they would have the older ones.
  3. stores do not typically carry what is online, they sometimes go to the outlets or you can attempt eBay. there are some trigger fobs that people have used to attach keyfobs and i don't think it is tacky at all..
  4. i jsut bought the apple keyfob and i put it on the little leather strap that holds the shoulder strap down on my large soho flap...i think if it matches the bag, then why not show it off. I love dressing them up!
  5. Try eBay