Coach Stores in NYC - need recommendation

  1. I got my PCE :yahoo:

    I'm from Raleigh, NC but I'm saving my PCE for my trip to NYC on 6/11. I looked at the coach directory for stores in NYC an ya'll have a ton! I am staying near Madison Square Garden but am willing to travel to the best Coach store in the area. For me, best is LEATHER and accessories.

    Here in the Raleigh area we have 2 boutiques. The one in Raleigh is quite large but it mostly carries signature. The one in Durham is very small but it mostly carries leather. Neither carry much as far as shoes, jewelry, accessories which I'm really excited to see in person!

    Also, I'm lusting over something patent - preferably an Ergo.

    Any rec's???

  2. Coach Time Warner Columbus Circle is the best in terms of leather!!!

    Coach Soho is also great but Time Warner is bigger

    #3 is Coach Madison &57th, which is like 5 blocks from the first/... Enjoy!!
  3. I really liked soho...its smaller than time warner for sure...but still larger than most coach stores..and its less crowded and the sas are friendlier.
  4. Seeing these stores listed makes me miss living in NYC. The Columbus Circle and Madison Ave stores were my favorites. My DH worked at Park & 54th, so i frequented those stores.
  5. aww.. whered ya move?
  6. Maryland, which now gives me the wonderful boutiques at georgetown(DC), tysons(VA), and columbia(MD). They are just not the NYC boutiques.
  7. wow u get to go to three different states!!