Coach they really value their customers????


Jan 14, 2008
For Christmas I bought my husband a wallet. It was red and he rather have it in blue. So I finally decided to exchange it, the one I originally bought is no longer available so I went with another style that does not come in blue but was a little smaller in shape (which I'm sure was his issue too).

To make a long story short I picked out the wallet payed for it (got some goodies for myself :smile: and came home to this...(sorry terrible photo can't see everything w/ the flash)

Now I just felt like I switched a perfectly unused wallet w/ no scratches that still had the paper stuffing in it. To this used looking wallet w/ white scratch marks on it and a very old tag that's been taped up and price removed. Now would it have been that hard to say we don't have any new ones in the back so would you like to order one. It doesn't sound very hard to Did the SA wrapping it not see all the scratches? I don't know, I just hate paying (a lot) money for something coming home all excited thinking I'm gonna give my hubby something new just to find this crap wraped up. little rant is over.:tdown:


Aug 12, 2009
I say you have a right to take it back!!!!! We all pay good money for Coach and demand good quality!!!! I would ask to see the wallet before they wrap it!!! Then they should wrap it and put it in a box for you!!!
Good Luck!!!!

Lynne :biggrin:


Feb 24, 2006
Happy town
the pic looks fine but when I get something there I always say let me see it first.. ever since I read the gum wrappers and other yucky stuff found in a bag stories. take it back don't tell him until you get a good one


Jan 14, 2008
Yeah, I'm returning this one. We ordered a different one online (which is probably what I should've done in the first place). I will start checking before they wrap it up, since this isn't the first time it's happened. Just sucks for the store I guess cause now they've lost a sale.


always in LVoe
Jan 3, 2010
Detroit MI
To answer your question. I believe most store do. I know when I went to the FP store when I was home last they SA was super sweet, and asked about our life, and when she found out my husband was a Marine, and just for back from Iraq, she was asking him questions, and thanking him for his service. I guess it depends on the people.


Sep 6, 2006
they do! I know that in bigger stores with the system they have in place it is harder to, do what I do at a smaller store which is to bring it out from the back and let the customer inspect before wrapping it in tissue to go or in box to go..

the mens wallet seem a bit more easy to scratch in leather. could be the water buffalo leather..but you'd be surprised. I sometimes offer to send a new one because I don't want to sell them it since I worry if they want to return...there are scratches on it..some say okay and some point blank ask me, "I can't take this one?"

but I'm with you on the point that, you should be given the option OP