Coach Store vs. Factory Outlet?

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  1. Here in Ottawa we have one Coach store and that is all. The closest factory outlet would be a 4 hour drive into the USA - the Waterloo, New York Outlets. I think there may be one in Syracuse, but again, that's about a 4 hour drive.

    I'm wondering if it's worth it to make a trip just to check out the Factory Outlet? What is the difference in the merchandise at an outlet vs. a store? Do they carry different merchandise and/or have better prices? The Canadian stores are on par with the US stores, so I get the same prices that are shown online at Coach.

    Is it worth the day trip to check out a Coach outlet, or should I just buy my Ali at the local Coach store and not worry about it?

  2. I think that there's already been a post about this. Products at the factory store are as nice and as well manufactured as the products in the boutiques. Some of the bags might be from previous seasons/collections, hence them being taken to the factory outlet. Some bags are made specifically for the factory store.
    I personally shop mostly at the outlet. You get way more for your money, as prices are much cheaper than at the regualer boutiques. It's definitely worth the trip to the outlet IMO. Have fun shopping!
  3. If you don't mind a little drive I think it would be so worth it. Even if its just to check it out. The prices are def. better. They should have some transfers form boutiques and just some made for factory items.
    I only buy from the outlet. And I too have about a 3 hr. drive just to get to my nearest outlet.
  4. I don't think the Alis are in the outlets yet though.
  5. I am an Outlet fan myself unless you can get a good deal at a department store like Macy's. The difference between a FP store & an outlet is also the offerings. The new stuff you get in the store where the outlet tends to be past season merchandise so it really depends on what you are looking for.
  6. It is worth the trip because you get great deals. The Outlet has MFF (Made For Factory) bags and FP (Full Price) bags and both are marked down. There are always marked downs as low as 50% and sometimes additional marks of upto 20% or 30%...

    If you go to shop and are not to worried about getting a certain bag it is great.. Take your wallet normally I get more than one bag...

    Also the Scarves, Fobs, Hats and Jewelery are at good to great prices too...

    But if you want the Ali bag I would go to the FP Store because the changes of getting it at the Outlet Store are slim to none...
  7. Thanks everyone. I really liked the Ali at the store, but I'm totally open to looking for other options as well. Maybe I should try an outlet first. DH and I can just make it a day trip, and if I don't see anything, I can always come back and have the Ali ordered in for me. I don't think there is an Outlet website, that's too bad.

    I appreciate the help though, I didn't know what to expect from an outlet before, it sounds like it's worth checking out. :smile:
  8. I know this is hard, but again, trying to figure out if this is worth it for me. I have to take into account the exchange rate, whereas Coach being sold in Canada is on par with the US. When you girls say the deals are realy good at the outlets - can you give me some examples?

    I am looking at the smaller Ali for either $268 or $298 at the store here. I know Ali won't be at the outlet, and that's OK, but I'm just wondering what price I might be looking at for a similar small leather or small signature Coach - maybe along the lines of a smaller Carly or Zoe at the outlet?

    I really appreciate the help on this, I need to figure out if it's worth it for me or not - esp. since I will have to take the exchange rate into consideration for cross border shopping.

  9. Also don't forget custom charges as well that's 13% on each item over $30 US. I go to the Canadian outlet but it close enough to me and I notice most of the customers are Americans. The prices are at par and with the exchange rate, they win out by shopping at a canadian coach outlet than an american one.

    Whenever I shop in the US, I take into account the exchange rate, customs, and whether I can find the item in Canada for a much cheaper rate. I find that items (Coach and a lot of non-Coach) are more limited in terms of styles and amount. Then again, I don't live anywhere near a big Canadian city like Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. I recommend do make a trip to the US outlet - there will be items that you can't find in Canada.
  10. I live east of Toronto and happily go to Florida each winter where I shop at the outlets. The deals are amazing. Take a day trip to the outlet at Waterloo and see. You sound as if you have a good idea of what is available in the full price store, so enjoy the outlet experience. Even if they don't have the Ali, you may find another bag that you love just as much. You will certainly find very affordable accessories, scarves, wristlets, wallets, key chains, etc., so your day will not be wasted.
  11. I live an hour south of Ottawa right on the river at the border crossing. It takes me 2 hours to get to Syracuse and 2 1/2 hours to get to the outlets in Waterloo, so it would only take you about 3 1/2 to get there.

    I would go for it. It would definately be a fun day!