Coach Store vs. Coach Outlet

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I have a giftcard and I'm wondering if I should wait for Coach's summer sale or go to the outlet. I've never shopped the summer sale. Do they have good deals? I really want a Rogue but that's out of reach right now so a carryall would be great. Please share. Thanks!
  2. I'd wait for the summer sale. It's coming soon, and Coach is probably not sending a lot of deletes to outlets in the meantime. Some items in past sales have been 40 or 50% off.
  3. By summer sale I assume you're talking about the FP's semi-annual sale? Those are quite nice and can offer some good deals.
  4. Thank you!
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  6. Since the stuff at the FP boutique is much nicer than the stuff at the outlet right now, I would wait for the sale.
  7. The outlet can be hit or miss. I would also wait out for a full line sale, but I have found some nice bags at the outlet in the past.
  8. The Factory Online Sale starts on May 26 and you can use a gift card for online purchases; you might find something you like on the FOS.