Coach Store today gave me 20% off on a Carly Handbag

  1. I feel so lucky, I was shopping around in my local Coach Store today, (Roosevelt Field, LI), anyway, I told the SA that I had a 20% coupon off for Lord and Taylor and asked him if he would give me the same discount in the Coach store. HE DID. Wow, I bought the Carly in camel leather at the 20% off), I am so excited, I love this bag. p.s. - Lord and Taylor didn't even have it. Is this a normal occurance?
  2. When I got my Bliss Lau Suspension tote last week, I was going to get it on but, I was trying it out at Shiki in Austin, and I was just talking about the sale online cause we started talking about a lot of bags, and the owner matched the price for me with the extra 20% off grechen code, and gave me 35% off the Bliss Lau disco accordion bag as well!
    I guess the difference for me, was that I showed her how to find discount codes and other sites online that sold purses, so she did see the prices online. And she gave me the discounts because she said wanted me to shop local instead of online, I've come back since last week and gotten clothes and stuff too as I guess a thank you for discounting extra on the two bags I got from them.
  3. I always seem to like my handbags even more when I get them at a better discount, especially when it wasn't an impulse sale and I've been following the bag for a few months, It makes me feel good, and it also is easier to justify to my husband that it was such a good deal that I couldn't pass it up. I always find a way to justify my overspending. It's the little things in life that make me so happy.

    Does anyone else own the Carly in the camel leather? If so how is it holding up? Thanks in advance for info.
  4. I saw tons of Carly's at the coach outlet this weekend as well as the new scribble baby bags and ergo totes! No leather though so great deal!
  5. Wow, I'm surprised Lord and Taylor didn't have it- they always have such a great selection! That's really nice of Coach to do that for you though - that's never happened to me! Enjoy your bag :smile:
  6. wow how cool. I had no idea you could ask for a discount. congrats.
  7. That's happened to me before at the outlet. I got 30% off of a bag that wasn't supposed to be discounted just because i asked.

    Congrats on your purchase!

  8. Wow, I need to try that! :smile: