Coach Store Returns

  1. Hi All,

    I live in Canada so I don't really know the policies regarding returns. About a month and a half ago I bought a Mandy when I was travelling in Chicago. Last night on the way home from work one of the turnlocks broke. I have no idea what I did since it was just sitting on the seat of my car.
    In a couple of weeks I will be travelling to Dallas and was wondering if I brought the purse with me would they exchange it or refund it if there is not one available.
    If someone that knows could help I would appreciate it. I am just so upset, I think that this is maybe the 3rd time I have carried it :crybaby:
  2. Take your receipt with you into the store. They may just send your bag in for repair, and if it can't be repaired then they would send you a letter with a full credit for the original price of the purse.

    However, they *might* just refund it to you outright. A while back I had to bring in my Whiskey Legacy Shoulder Bag because the stitching was coming out of it. I had only had the bag for a month or so. The SA looked to see if there were any other bags available because she was going to just exchange it for me. None were available. She then gave me the option of just returning the purse. I just didn't want to do that because I loved the purse so much, so I just had it sent in for repair.

    So, there's a chance that if your bag isn't available anymore that they might just issue you a refund, but I'm not sure if this is the norm. It was a manager that handled my transaction.

    Hope that helps! Either way, bring your bag and your receipt to the store and see what they can do for you. :yes: