Coach Store Opening!!! What to buy???

  1. The Coach store in Montebello, CA is open as of today (really close to my house!!:yahoo:)... was there today and they have so many beautiful things... I'm planning to go back and pick up a purse and wallet next week... but what?? I want something that isn't black (all my coach purses are black:p), that i can put on my shoulder and maybe signature.. no leather... i'm not to current on what's new...

    i saw the carly and liked it... but it didn't fit well on my shoulder... and that was my first choice... i'd like to get some opinions if possible..

    btw- anyone else in the area and go to the store today?
  2. I love my medium sig. ergo hobo. It fits lots of stuff, stays on my shoulder, and weighs nothing! Have fun shopping!
  3. I am so sad they opened a Coach store in that Mall. I hate that Mall. Sorry I'm just venting.
  4. What? You hate the Disco mall? With the millions of strollers and rude people bumping into you while their kids run wild? Uh, worked in Express in '94 and not much as changed since!

    Not a fan of that mall either....luckily the Coach store is MUCH smaller than Glendale, so I'll still be driving to the galleria for my purchases.
  5. ummm....maybe look at the Legacy shoulder bags in signature or the new Bleecker line should be at your store this week, they have a few signature shoulder bags...give them a whirl! :nuts: Have fun shopping!!![​IMG]

  6. I have the medium signature ergo hobo in brown and I love it. I recently just got the Chelsea signature largo hobo too, and they're both great bags. Every sig. bag I have is brown actually lol. It's such a classic color and goes well with everything. But both of those styles are very roomy and are very comfortable on the shoulder.
  7. I second the Medium Sig Ergo hobo...I have it and love it. PLENTY of room and it sits very nicely on the shoulder.
  8. Oh and while you're at it, pick up the wristlet to match!! Hehe, I love enabling.