coach store- gone???

  1. i went to the coach store yesterday to check out a bag i wanted to get for my mom- i actually called the store 2 days prior to make sure they had it. i went to go there yesterday- and it was GONE!!! The walls were white, w/a door, and NO MORE COACH??? i was truly shocked. How does a COACH store disappear???
  2. Did they move to another location in the mall?
  3. twilight zone?
  4. Which store was it? Is it still on the website as an active store? How bizarre.
  5. or they may be renovating
  6. I would check and see if they moved to another spot. The Coach store in Boston (Copley) has been in at least 4 different locations in the mall over the last 10 years.
  7. Which store?
  8. A lot of stores go under remodel during this time of the year, right before holiday and such.
  9. good to know. it's at the south shore plaza in braintree- 20 min. south of boston. there was no sign at the store saying that they relocated or anything. it was really wierd!!!
  10. Hi Neighbor! (I work in Boston & live on the South Shore.)

    I'd call them again. When I went to the Braintree Store in December they weren't where I was expecting them to be. I thought they were near Godiva (I think they used to be) and they weren't.
  11. THank yoU! I will do that! ^^^
  12. OH! I went there just last week! The Coach store is still there, I think it just moved to a weird corner of the mall and it is upstairs across from the petland store. It looked like a temporary set-up.
  13. LOL