Coach store experience (long)

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  1. Lengthy post.. :smile:

    I had two experiences at the Coach store near me lately. I didn't really want to write about them but I feel like something is amiss and I'm not experiencing the "Coach Store" experience when I shop there.
    I visited a few Sundays ago to the Coach store in Providence Place Mall. I was carrying my beloved Medium Carryall Fish bag (
    Anyway I wasn't dressed spectaculurly but I certainly didn't look like a slob (I wore nice jeans, black boots, and a top with a wool jacket (it was cold)). I walked in.. the store was busy but not too busy. I made my way around (there were SA's that weren't helping people) slowly.. looking at ALL displays, sometimes even picking up a bag to try it on. NOBODY helped me. Nobody greeted me, nobody came up and asked if I needed help, NOTHING. And -- at the end, when I was walking out (VERY disappointed) one of the SA's looked at me and glared at my bag (I got the feeling she thought it was a FAKE or something) as if I was white trash and didn't belong in the store.
    I'm not making it up! I thouhgt maybe it was a fluke, the SA's were having a bad day, etc. I have never shopped at the store (only the outlet or from or from eBay) before so I was looking for the full experience. I did plan on buying at least 1 bag, as well!

    So fast forward to yesterday.. I was back at the Providence Place mall. I knew it was the last day of the PCE event, and I know some people were lucky enough to get a card just for asking. I went back into the Coach store.. It was agan not super busy -- there were SA's just standing around not helping people. I walked in.. looked for about 10 minutes and a SA came up to me and said "Hi" (I'm thinking "ok this is better than last time already"). She didn't ask if I needed help or anything and she was gone. I was left standing there alone again. I tried on a few bags (I was with my bf this time), felt sad (and annoyed) again and just left.

    So I ask you - Am I wrong in feeling slighted? I don't dress like a slob -- I dress nice and carry nice bags -- Why wouldn't they offer to help me ? Am I expected to seek out an SA and ASK for her help? From reading your experiences at the stores, it seems as though you have wonderful SA's and they are so helpful and kind. I didn't get that from my Coach store...

    Does anyone shop at Prov place? Has anyone had a similar experience?
    I have money to spend but I want to be PAMPERED and treated right -- otherwise I'd just buy online or on eBay -- right?
    Am I making too big of a deal about this?
    What do you guys think? Thanks for reading this far :yes:
  2. they're just bratty at that store it sounds like. I go into the store by my house a lot - suburbs of Dallas/Fort Worth (at an outdoor shopping center with high end restaurants and stores, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrell, Cheesecake Facotry, Anthropologie, etc), quite often I've been in a tee shirt and shorts, even sometimes carrying a Michael Kors bag that I carry a lot, and the girls there are always super nice to everyone.

    Poo on those girls at Providence Place! Try another Coach store (maybe up in Mass? I haven't lived there in a while, but I'm sure there has got to be a coach store in SE Mass without having to go up to Natick or Boston)

    I'm so sorry they treated you like that. It shouldn't matter what you were wearing or carrying. They should treat everyone with respect
  3. OMG i was at the providence place mall yesterday too!!!!!!!

    ok well NOW i get helped right away usually because i am there often AND i usually wear my Speedy or Carly.

    but i did notice a difference in the way i am treated based on what i wear. now when I shop and I dress up (sorta), i am greeted and helped FAST, even if i wear jeans i am usually wearing heals and a pony tail scarf. yesterday i was greeted 3 times, and got the bag i was looking for within 10min AND the SA kept showing me things that would match with my purchases....

    rewind back to february, i went in after class one day and had just a regular tote and looked decent, was the only person in the store, AND had to ASK for help to order my large carly...a few weeks ago i had to ask for help to get my dog's collar and again i was the only person in the store.

    overall, i do notice a difference when i carry a more expensive bag.
  4. I feel for you. Your experience sounds just like mine down here in VA. I posted in another thread that I went to the store in PA and they treated me like I was their only customer in there even though there were others. I felt so cared about and taken care of. They kept asking me if I needed help or wanted to try different colors. I LOVED IT.
    I come back home and I don't even get a hello or even a stare my way. It's very depressing and I don't know what to do about it.

    I'm sorry you had a similar experience. You aren't making a big deal at all.
  5. I've never shopped in a boutique before but I would expect a bit of pampering too. If the store were busy, I wouldn't expect someone right by me the whole time but I do expect a greeting and a 'can I help you'.

    I have one SA that I call since I don't live near a Coach store. She's always sweet and I get free shipping. She makes sure I get the gift boxing and I get a thank you card from her. I called yesterday to make a small purchase, she wasn't in and I didn't like the person I spoke with much. She reluctantly gave me free shipping and acted as if my order wasn't really worth her time. Oh, well, her problem I suppose! Next time I'll not order unless my SA is there!

    I think that's part of the Coach experience though and customers should be treated well. Perhaps mention your experience to a manager. See if that helps. When they know what you expect, they are more likely to give it to you. And I would let them know that you won't hesitate to make your purchases online if you aren't going to have a pleasant experience shopping with them.
  6. this happens to me, hit or miss, at the West Farms mall in Connecticut. No matter what I'm wearing/carrying...sometimes I'm snubbed, sometimes I'm helped.

    It IS annoying that *some* SAs would act that way..I'm sure sprinkles and ms-whitney would say that it's most likely a "person" issue...not a "coach" thing.

    i dont' think ANYONE should be judged by how they are dressing when out shopping...sometimes I just want to be COMFORTABLE on the weekends..>I wear heels at work all day...of course i'm gonna wear my puma sneaks or Uggs on the weekends!

    sorry for your experience though..
  7. Yeah, I TOTALLY know how you feel. I walked into my local Coach Store on Friday and I was the ONLY person in there. I think I walked around the store TWICE, very slowly looking at EVERTHING - even picking up bags and looking inside of them and trying them on... etc - before ONE of the SA's approached me. I had just gotten off of work, so I was "dressed up" and, of course, I was carrying my little sig pouch (that I always take to work with me)... Two of them were doing something behind the counter and the other two were gossiping in the middle of the floor. I was very dissappointed. So, I told her I changed my mind and didn't want anything after all and walked out. It didn't really seem to phase any of them that I walked out unhappy, either.

    Some SA's are just REALLY NOT people persons... or person people... or people people... whatever, you know what I mean... lol...

  8. they may not want to seem too pushy, but i at least would like a 'can i help you' after they notice me picking up bags and trying them on!
  9. Lol... that's EXACTLY what I told the SA at my local Coach Store. And, of course, she was like "well, just tell me what you want and I can order it for you and we won't charge you for shipping and handling... blah blah blah..." I was like "yeah, ok... maybe next time..."
  10. Unfortunately this has been my experience at the Coach boutique that is the closest to me. I've only gone in a few times, and they are not helpful at all. I get ignored when I go in with my jeans and comfy shoes. Forgive me if I don't wear my Sunday best on a Saturday shopping trip...Too bad that they are so rude at this boutique as it is literally five minutes down the street...

    The outlet SAs, on the other hand, are wonderful. I went in one day and I was the only one in the store, and they were all hovering around me, asking repeatedly if I needed any help.
  11. the way i see it is that i will shop at the boutique to get my PCE card...if i shop online, no chance of getting it. its a little sacrafice to get my 25%
  12. I've heard from people who work at the Coach store that some of them only associate with "certain" people because they'll be yelled at by their manager if not. They even brought up the if they're not dressed that well, they may not help them either. :shrugs: I've never made it to a boutique, but I've gone to two different outlets. Two different experiences. The one closest to my house is great. The manager of the store remembered me from a month before-searched the store for an item I wanted after I'd left, which she found. I didn't get that kind of offer to do anything when I wanted something (at the first outlet).
  13. I TOTALLY felt the same way when i first started visiting my local boutique (i had to ask them for help the first 3 times i bought something), but as i've been in there more often i've gotten to know some of them and they are really nice.

    It's unfortunate your experience hasn't changed but in i wouldn't take it personal . . . just keep shopping and SNUB them. :supacool:
  14. I have to agree...I get FAB customer service at the outlets. I don't know if it's because more of their pay is based on commission or what (total speculation)...but I don't care...I've been helped by some WONDERFUL ladies at factory stores!
  15. I've posted on here before about this, but there are two boutiques near me and the service couldn't be more different. At the Fashion Square Mall store, the SAs never approach me, never ask if they can help me, etc., even when the store is empty. I have to ask them for help, and when I do, I often know more about the merchandise than they do. Case in point, I tried to order a legacy stripe ponytail scarf and the SA looked at me like I was nuts, and then said, "I've never seen one of those." Ugh.

    On the other hand, there's a boutique at Kierland Commons where the SAs are terrific. They are friendly, pick out bags for me to try on, make suggestions about what to order. They are the reason I love shopping in a boutique.

    I've never been able to figure out why the stores are so different. Probably has something to do with management. But I don't give my business to the store with the rude SAs. I'm just lucky that I found a boutique with friendly SAs.