Coach Store close to LA

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  1. A friend of mine just called me from the biggest Coach store that she has ever seen. She said that it very close to LA and this Coach store even has a shoe section. She is going to call me back later with more details but I knew that someone on this board must be familiar with this store. She said that the mall that it is located in has the look of a town square.

    Someone please fill me in.
  2. If she wants to see big and gorgeous, tell her to go to rodeo drive!
  3. do you know which one that she is talking about?
  4. i want to go to rodeo drive!!!! / i just wanna go to a big coach store. my local boutique is small.
  5. I have no clue disney, i've never been to la :shrugs:
  6. Me either. Maybe someone that is from LA could help me out.
  7. Hi
    I am new to TPF from MD but I've been lurking for a while (lol). To answer Disney's question, I know that there's a new Coach store that opened at Westfield Topanga in Canoga Park, CA. My friend works at the mall and she told me that the new Coach store is really huge and it has everything.I don't know if Canoga Park is close to LA but their phone # is (818) 704-7116. Hope this helps.
  8. Is that location open already? I thought it wasn't going to open until next fall....
  9. no, it is already open. they opened last Friday.
  10. It has to be the Coach store at the Grove on 3rd st. It is an outdoor mall. It is not huge but they do carry shoes and it's a flag ship store. This use to be my store but my SA left to the OC. So now I go to the Mahattan beach village store.
  11. sorry double post
  12. Canoga park is in the valley, not close to LA.

  13. Thanks for the info. She said that it was huge but she is also pretty new to Coach. She said that it was an outdoor mall so that must be the one. I was thinking that it maybe a flagship store but she did not know. Aren't there some Legacy flagship stores and is this one of them? If not what makes this store a flagsip?
  14. I know that The Grove, Rodeo Dr and South Coast plaza are all flagship stores they carry items other stores don't carry ie. shoes, clothes.
  15. It might be the Rodeo one she's talking about. I've never been there, but I go to the one at the Grove all the time. It's a nice store, but I don't think it's huge. I guess it is compared to the regular boutique though.