Coach Sterling Rondells Pendant Necklace

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  1. Hey guys!
    Need some help here. I was thinking of purchasing the sterling silver rondells pendant, but none of the Coach stores in my area are carrying it and they aren't able to order it in for me, so I have to resort to buying it online (I'm from Canada). I'm quite fond of it, but I'm not positive I should get it because I have yet to see it in person and see how it looks when worn. Does anyone have any modelling pics of this necklace? I really like the way the picture on the site shows it, but realistically, I don't think it sits like that (I believe the rings would sit in such a way that only their sides could be seen, like in the alternative picture). Or even if you've tried it out in store, let me know! Thanks!
  2. Style # and the like so we know what you are talking about? :smile:
  3. I think it would lay like the alt view. Sometimes they might sit vertically, but I think more often than not they'd lay sideways.

    I'd also be weary of rhinestones -- I had a star necklace from a few floorsets back and lost rhinestones out of it after like.. a month and a half.
  4. Oh I know which one you are talking about! I wanted it too but my store couldn't get it either. It's the one with the three rings right?
  5. *Sorry, when you click on the link, the earrings show up. Close that box and you'll see the necklace I'm talking about.
  6. GOTcha! Now I get ya, yeah I have the necklace, but I don't think I have any pictures of it on me modeling... I'll see if I can get some though.
  7. Yea! I was so disappointed, it's the only thing I want with the PCE :sad:
  8. Hmm, thought my store still had it, did you have them do a search?

    That's the problem with some of these necklaces... some sterling silver ones sell out (like the small heart one) fast, others don't sell out at all (small stars, teardrop, etc).
  9. Hey, fellow Canadian :salute:. That is a pretty choice :smile:! Do you know what the length is (I find that 16-18 inches are too short).
  10. The SAs couldn't find info on the length (I was wondering about it, too), but they were pretty certain that it's 16-18 inches. I believe the standard Tiffany necklaces come in the 16 inch length, which is perfect for me, so I do hope it's about that length.
  11. They only did a search for Canadian stores, I believe. My last resort was to buy online.
  12. ^Yes, it is a convertible 16-18" necklace.
    Ah ok, my bad, I did not realize you were in Canadia (:P) , that's bunny speak for Canada :smile: