Coach stamp on wallets

  1. In the April purchases thread, I posted a pic of my new Ergo wallet that I purchased. I noticed that in the corner, Coach no longer embosses the name "Coach", but now it is just stamped in gold.

    Has anyone heard anything about this gold lettering rubbing off or anything? You can see it somewhat in this pic. Once I'm home, I'll post my actual wallet...

  2. I have a few wallets like this (meaning with the gold Coach embossed on it) and I haven't had a problem with it. Mine have never rubbed off or anything. :smile:
  3. Thanks pompilit. Its been a while since I bought a new wallet so I never noticed this change.

    Glad to hear that there have been no problems. The last thing I would want is for some of the letters to rub off - could have people thinking i had a fake.:wtf:
  4. Oh I've never seen that.
    Thanks for the fyi.
  5. LOL I totally understand. I'm *really* super careful with my stuff too, though. So not sure if that has made a difference. :yes:
  6. my wallet (legacy french framed) gets beaten around quite often..and i haven't had a problem with the letters rubbing off yet.