Coach Spy Cam Back in Action!!!!

  1. My recent lot of things were 40% off and 50% off...everything else 20 - 30 % off keychains cell lanyards and key fobs were $9.99....Coats were also 50% off

    THE BOOT WITH THE FURRRRRRRRRR haha like the song I hear all the time! lmao ($9.99)

    2nd pic....scarves and gloves 50% off

    Last pic....50% off
    2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg
  2. more

    dog carrier, orginally $498, with taxes would be $254 The 2nd and third pics were 40% off, a lot of them were onlly $79!! Wristlets were I believe $39 - $49
    7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg 12.jpg
  3. even more

    Third pic....they had my tote Ive been wanting!!!!!!!!!!!!! $179, BUT it had makeup or something all on the front and would not take anything else off!
    11.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg
  4. last one
  5. ahh so many goodies!! thanks for the pics!
    which outlet is this btw?
  6. aww they had the legacy striped scarf! My outlets have never had this and I want it! Thanks for the pics! What all was 50% off, just the winter wear? Last week, mine had some stuff 40% off for the weekend, but the only 50% were the gloves and hats.
  7. Grove City, PA
  8. AAAAH I want that Legacy Stripe in the second pic!

    And I spy some turquoise ergo hobos...
  9. See some lovely things like Ergo totes!
  10. Thanks for all the pics, wish my outlet was as good as this... I would be all over the wallets, wristlets, and Ergos :p
  11. ME TOO!!! If that is black, I superduper want one!!! :drool:

    Poo, I just looked, Grove City is across the state from me. I guess that is better for my wallet though.
  12. thanks for all the pics - makes me wanna go shopping :smile:
  13. Love the pics.... I really wish I lived near an outlet!!
  14. I wish I lived near an outlet, too...:sad:
  15. wow this is impressive! My outlet sux compared to this one!