coach sophia gathered in bone.. yay or nay?

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  1. Hey guys - I need some advice. I found a small gathered sophia in bone with a matching wallet at an outlet. :biggrin:

    HOwever, they won't give it to me but for the 20% off MSRP, so it ends up being around $400. I'm not sure if I want the wallet or not, but I"m having them hold it for me.

    I really like this, but still having a hard time with the price. I noticed they are not even on the website anymore. What do you guys think: yay or nay?
  2. Bone scares me personally but if you think you can take care of the colour then go for it! I say yes to gathered
  3. Yay! I think you will do fine with the light color. Warning from my shimmer sophia: do watch out for denim . . . even though you have warn/washed a lot, it will still get you! A little club soda and a clean cloth made mine all better but man, I was mad at myself!
  4. Yay!! It's a great color and I just love the Gathered Sophias!!:P
  5. YAY. I have that exact bag and i love it.
  6. A Coach Factory Outlet? Why won't they give you the 20% off??
  7. I love the gathered sophia in Bone. I bought the large bag and the matching wallet in May. Unfortunately, I had to exchange the handbag with another bag due to the following reasons:

    1) I barely used the handbag for a month when I noticed that the gathered started to loose it's tightness.
    2) The leather close to the zipper started to crack. At first I thought it was a color transfer but after careful inspection something was definitely wrong with the leather.

    The wallet is definitely a keeper.
  8. Personally, nay. I would destroy a light colored bag in no time at all. The wallet is a maybe, but I tend to go for dark wallets too.
  9. YAY!!! The bone leather with the brass hardware is gorgeous! The beautiful blue/green lining is an added bonus!:tup:
  10. the bone gathered is stunning, but i wonder why they only want to give you 20%...i guess because it is so 'rare' in the outlets?
  11. I love the gathered sophia in any color!!! I do have the bone color and so far... No problemo... I prefer the large though... The same thing happened to me with the black msb that I got in the outlet... They only gave me 20% off mrsp bec they said it still showing as fp in their system... If you like it... Go for it!!!
  12. OMG!!! I've always wanted a Bone gathered, but never found one at the Outlets yet. They are still at FP. I say, go for it! It is such a classy bag. Love the color and the gold hw is a great combo with it. I'm so jealous!!! I hope the large gathered sophia in bone will go to the outlets already.
  13. I was at a coach store and saw the bone in small over on tuesday. If one is at the outlet they will only give the 20% coupon. To the best of my knowledge if a bag is not deleted it will still sell for full price at an outlet. I love the bone gathered, I want one in the large size. Good Luck with your decision.
  14. I would pass....tons of opportunities to by bone colored bags....think this bag style looks better in darker colors
  15. Go for it! I have her and love her! She's the only gathered piece that I own and the color with the brass hardware is stunning!